Russian CFO Summit

October, 2021

Moscow, Russia, Intercontinental Hotel

Among speakers & panelists who have already confirmed:

Милинова Елена - член правления и финансовый директор компании «Магнит», одной из крупнейших продуктовых торговых сетей с оборотом свыше 1,3 триллиона рублей. В течении нескольких лет Магнит был лидером российского ритейла, но утратил своё превосходство в 2017 году, уступив Х5 Retail Group. В начале 2018 года в Магните сменился акционер, была собрана новая команда топ-менеджеров с большим опытом трансформации в ритейле. Елена присоединилась к новой команде в апреле 2018 года. Перед командой стоит задача масштабных преобразований, основой которых станет завоевание вновь доверия потребителей.
В зоне ответственности Елены находится финансовая стратегия компании, учет и отчетность, бюджетирование и анализ, управление долговым портфелем, финансовый и инвестиционный контроль, сделки M&A.

До прихода в Магнит Елена работала финансовым директором в компании Marathon Group (2017-2018),Х5 Retail Group (2014-2016 год), КАМАЗ (2008-2014).

Свою карьеру она начинала в международной аудиторской компании PricewaterhouseCoopers (2000-2004), после чего перешла на работу в компанию «Соллерс» (2004-2006).

Милинова Елена закончила Тольяттинскую Академию Управления в 2000 году по специальности «Финансы и кредит», является членом ассоциации АССА с 2002 года.


Mikhail Danilov graduated from the State University – Higher School of Economics, majoring in mathematical analysis methods in economics. His career at CV PROTEK CJSC began in 2003. Since 2006, he headed the service of management reporting, in the future, the department of management reporting and planning. Since October 01, 2009, he has held the position of Deputy CFO of CV PROTEK.

Mikhail has been named one of top 100 young economic leaders of Russia. His achievements have been recognized by Institut Choiseul, an independent analytics center from France, which prepared the top 100 list as part of its Choiseul 100 Russia project.

Bjarte Bogsnes has a long international career, both in Finance and HR. He is a pioneer in the Beyond Budgeting movement, and has been heading up the implementation of Beyond Budgeting at Equinor (formerly Statoil), Scandinavia’s largest company. He led a similar initiative in Borealis in the mid-nineties, one of the companies that inspired the Beyond Budgeting model.

Equinor realized that traditional leadership and management practices no longer work in today’s competence organizations operating in business environments more complex, dynamic and unpredictable than ever. The company implemented innovative alternatives to traditional management, like abolishing traditional budgets and calendar-based management in favour of more decentralized, agile and human processes.

Bjarte is Chairman of Beyond Budgeting Roundtable (BBRT).  He is a popular international business speaker and is the winner of a Harvard Business Review/McKinsey Management Innovation award. Bjarte is also author of "Implementing Beyond Budgeting - Unlocking the Performance Potential", where he writes about his almost twenty-five years long Beyond Budgeting journey.


Tatyana specialises in defending senior executives of major Russian and foreign companies, heads of state corporations, and high-level government officials from unfounded criminal prosecution, as well as in defending the interests of foreign companies, which have been affected by illegal activities in Russia.

Tatyana is experienced in handling economic, malpractice, corruption, and tax-related cases. She represents clients in both pre-trial proceedings and before courts of general jurisdiction, including the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, as well as during prosecutorial investigations. Tatyana deals efficiently with special situations and achieves strong results thanks to her 20 years of practical experience working with Russia’s leading law firms, and her first-class education. Her clients are drawn from diverse sectors of the economy, including banking, insurance, oil and gas, fuel and energy, and telecommunications.

Tatyana Nozhkina has successfully defended clients against fraudulent bankruptcy, active and passive bribery, tax evasion, fraud, illegal use of a trademark, commercial bribery, unauthorised computer access, money laundering, illegal entrepreneurship and banking activities, and evasion of customs payments. She has also provided counsel on compliance check and compliance risk management.

Tatyana graduated from the Law School of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, in 1998. She qualified as attorney in 2000, and went on to spend more than 10 years with Padva and Partners, preeminent Russian WCC boutique.

Counsel in White Collar Crime Practice at Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners from 2013 to 2016, Tatyana was promoted to Partner in 2017. She is a member of the Moscow Bar Association.

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Before joining Sber Solutions, Natalya Podvoyskaya was in charge of outsourcing development within Sberbank ecosystem. Natalya began her career at Sberbank in 2012 as head of Building a Target Model for Sberbank Operational System program part of Everest Program. This program resulted in centralized management by switching from a geographical to a functional model, introducing significant technological changes to processes and setting up Competence Centers. Everest Program is recognized as one of the best in world and won in 2018 a bronze award at International Project Excellence Awards (IPMA) in the mega-program category.

Before joining Sberbank, Natalya headed the financial management and service center practice at KPMG CIS.

Natalya graduated from the faculty of economics and business school from M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University as well as The Chicago Booth School of Business with a PhD.

Tom Blackwell is the CEO and co-founder of EM, a corporate and financial communications consultancy focused on Russia and other emerging markets, with offices in New York, London, Moscow, Hong Kong and Beijing.

EM was created following the successful MBO and carve out from M: Communications, where Blackwell worked as the head of the UK agency's Russian office.

Prior to joining M: Communications, Tom worked for The PBN Company, where he was Managing Director of the firm's Moscow office and led its financial communications practice.

Tom’s key areas of focus are media relations, capital markets related communications and crisis communications. He has lived and worked in Moscow for 15 years.

According to the Financial Times rating, ID Finance is the second most dynamic growth Fintech company in Europe! (Field of activity – lending using its own technologies for risk and credit scoring management system).

The company is also in the Top 50 fastest growing Europe companies.

Khotyanovich Sergey
Business development director at ATH American Express GBT.
Graduated from Minsk Institute of Entrepreneurial Activity
Over 20 years of expertise in business travel industry.
Specialization – projects on travel analytics and a large scale of business travel spend optimization tools implementation.


Dmitry Borisovich Osipov


Dmitry started investment banking career in 1993 year. He joined VELES TRUST in 2010 year.
Dmitry was born in 1971 year.
He graduated from Moscow Polytechnic University in 1993 year and Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation in 1998 with grades in Finance and Credit.
Dmitry has a Federal Service for Financial Markets certificate 5.0.
He is married, father of three.

30+ years as an executive in international and Russian companies: production, retail, microfinance, fintech, services and wholesale. Successful entrepreneur, Big4 consultant, corporate top-manager (CFO).

Started caeer at 15 as a software salesman. At 18 opened an audit practice in the biggest consulting company in my hometown, Yekaterinburg. Grew it to an independent legal entity and finally sold this business to a strategic partner.

Then joined Big4 consulting. I worked for EY and KPMG performing projects for big companies from different sectors of economy.

After 4 years in consulting moved to the corporate business as a financial controller and then CFO (FMCG, retail, financial service and fintech). In 2013 I joined Bistrodengi / Eqvanta holding as a group CFO, covering not only financial and investment issues, but General management function, including new business development and market analysis, diversification and business model transformation.